Effective YouTube advertising

By Elliot Orth

Effective YouTube advertising

In modern eCommerce, YouTube solves most of the problems. In terms of coverage in this age group, it is ahead of television channels and is the third most visited site in the country. YouTube’s primary audience is above average income. It is not surprising that this service has become one of the main platforms where brands are fighting for potential customers.

The uniqueness of YouTube video as an advertising tool is that working for your brand, it can be both useful and exciting for the viewer. Video helps to establish an emotional connection with the buyer like no other advertising product. Properly realizing all this potential, advertising video content can become the driving force of the entire marketing campaign. But the keywords here are competently implemented.

Many people think that the basis of a successful commercial is a strong idea. This is not true. Creativity is undoubtedly important, but it is only part of success. In addition to the idea, the structure of the video is important. It should be competently implemented several key principles that will distinguish your product from the general flow and ensure its competitiveness on YouTube.

Add humor

Humor is a universal tool for creating ads on YouTube. In the hands of a skilled creator, jokes become an effective tool even for brands with a serious image. The humor is consistent with the entertaining nature of YouTube, so such ads are perceived more organically and more often searched until the end. It’s better to joke on the topic of the day. The relevance of hype clips is fleeting, but the user response is much higher. And if you are lucky enough to create viral content, the plan to reach the audience will be overfulfilled at times.

Catching music

Attracting the attention of the viewer with a video sequence with catchy music is another proven strategy in video marketing. A catchy track increases ad recall by 43% 2. It should not be forgotten that copyright laws apply not only to the video itself, but also to the audio material. YouTube’s restrictions apply to videos with illegally used licensed music. They can be different: from the “plug” of the musical accompaniment to blocking the entire video.

Integration of the brand in the video and its presentation

How to properly represent the product in the video – it depends on the goals pursued by advertising. If the priority is to make the product memorable, its name is pronounced in the first 5 seconds. Think about the strengths that are inherent in your brand or product and present them as naturally as possible in the video.

For the user to show interest in the product and be motivated to buy, there is no need to rush with its presence in the first seconds. The viewer should have time to get carried away by the plot and show interest in its denouement. Statistics show that the willingness to buy from most users, in this case, is higher. Regardless of when the brand appears in the plot, its name should sound in the video at least 2-3 times.

How to keep in touch with the audience

Suppose you beat the viewer in the first seconds of his attention, it is now equally important to keep his interest. How to do this depends on the content and method of presenting the information. Keep in mind that users watch YouTube for three purposes: entertaining, educational, and inspiration. Advertising must comply with one of these formats, then it will organically interact with YouTube videos and not annoy the viewer so much.