What texts do the online store really need

By Elliot Orth

What texts do the online store really need

What information on the site will help online stores attract customers, and what does not affect the interest of customers? V.Partners reports.

When ordering the development or promotion of online stores, our clients write in a brief: “We need bright and attractive texts that will talk about the product and encourage the visitor to buy.” However, most marketing tasks in promoting online stores are not solved at all by texts.

What text is needed

Home page

  • What kind of store

  • What offers

  • The benefits of shopping here

  • What is the difference from competitors

  • Store Navigation

Product Cards

  • Product characteristics and properties

  • Product description: how and what needs the buyer decides

  • Benefits of purchasing a product

  • Warranties and licenses, if applicable

  • Price

Shipping and payment

  • All payment methods that you have available

  • Terms of purchase on credit or by installments

  • Methods, terms and cost of delivery

  • Pickup Addresses

Sales and discounts

  • Promotion announcement in title: what the client receives

  • Full conditions for participation in the action

  • Restrictions on participation in the action. For example, categories of products that are not eligible for discounts.

  • This section requires regular attention: monitor the relevance of stocks and update information on time.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ

1. Answers to questions that you most often get from your customers. Questions in different business areas will be different.

2. Listen to your customers and complete the section when new questions arise.


Only real customer reviews! Otherwise, you are deceiving the expectations of new customers and risk receiving negative reviews on third-party resources.

Encourage to leave feedback for bonuses or additional discounts in the online store.

Allow visitors to post reviews on their own using the feedback form.

About company / About us

  • How long have you existed

  • Why you should be trusted

  • What successes and recognition did the company achieve?

  • A detailed description of the advantages and uniqueness of the company

  • The strategy, mission, and philosophy of the company and how it helps solve the problems of your customers


  • Map-specific delivery addresses

  • Point of sale if you have offline stores

  • Contact phone numbers

  • Email

  • Working hours

The blog

Blog articles should solve user problems: how to use the product; how to care for the goods; how to evaluate the quality of goods through the Internet; how to return the purchase legally, etc.

The blog helps to promote the online store in the search for information queries. A good helpful article can drive traffic to a website for years. However, the blog is not relevant for every business, and promoting the blog itself will also require investments.

What texts do you not need

  • Template and cliche: “Lowest prices”, “Largest choice”, “Ideal service”, “Reliable product”. Confirm such phrases with facts, or delete.

  • Long descriptions with epithets without specifics. Such offers do not provide useful information: “The elegant lines of an exclusive kettle will fill your home with harmony and comfort.” Water in the text distracts the visitor from the main information: characteristics and purchase possibilities.

  • Copying competitors from and to. In this case, it is allowed to take product descriptions from the official websites of manufacturers.

  • SEO texts spammed with keywords. Robots for whom such texts are written will not buy anything from you. And it’s hard for a person to read them.

  • Grammatical errors and typos.