How to find out the traffic of a competitor’s website

By Elliot Orth

How to find out the traffic of a competitor’s website

Site attendance is an indicator that demonstrates whether a resource is in demand, which pages users view more often. The owner needs to clearly know whether the project is successful, what are its positions among competitors. In addition to these numbers, conversions, behavioral factors, and other metrics are used to assess the effectiveness of a web resource. Analysis of competitors’ traffic is very important for developing a promotion strategy for any Internet project.

Easy ways to find out traffic to a competitor’s website

There are several ways to find out the traffic of a competitor’s website. Much depends on the purpose of use. In particular, you can do this:

Request the necessary data in direct correspondence. As a rule, those who plan to subsequently advertise on the resource do this. Owners most often open guest access to Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica because they are interested in earning additional income. This method allows you to get the most reliable data, but not all resources are ready to share such information.

Predict traffic offhand based on the position of the resource in the search results in a specific thematic niche. You will have to spend too much time on data collection and calculations, and the obtained figures will not always correspond to reality.

Use special tools in your work.

To perform a qualitative analysis of the traffic of a competitor’s website, it is worth collecting statistics about:

  • the number of visits for certain periods;
  • a demographic portrait of the audience;
  • most read content;
  • keys, their frequency.

Such information will give food for thought about your strengths and weaknesses, help you discover those key queries or promotion channels that are not used on your resource.

Statistics counters

If you need statistics for an information resource, then, most likely, there will be no problems with obtaining it, since special counters are often placed in the footer of the site, showing the current traffic, the portal’s belonging to the known ratings. On commercial sites, this information is often hidden. The most famous counters will be discussed below.

Services for viewing statistics of competitive sites

If there are no special counters on the sites of interest or access to them is closed, then you can view the traffic of someone else’s site using special tools. Modern analytics services use their own original algorithms, so data from different sources can be quite different. SEO experts point out that sometimes the difference reaches 70 percent. So to determine the positions of your site, it is better to use the results from one resource. Let’s consider the features of some services.

It is important to note that the figures obtained must be skillfully interpreted and used in further promotion work. For example, analysis algorithms may differ, data on young and/or small resources are not always provided correctly. Measurement errors sometimes range from 20 percent or more.

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